Blog Post: Interview Tips from the McLane "Pros"

Hitting submit on a job application is a big step. Waiting for the call to interview feels like an eternity. How, then, do you improve your chances of acing that interview when the call comes? We asked a few members of the McLane Talent team to share their best suggestions for a successful onsite interview. Here’s what they told us: Make a connection with the interviewer. Building a relationship starts with the interview. Be yourself; they can tell if you’re acting. Present a good understanding of job responsibilities. Present a good understanding of McLane (Do you know what we do?). Ask good questions regarding the specifics of the job (schedule, extra board procedures). Express your interest in becoming a part of the team. Take a copy of your resume, medical card and license (Drivers) and be prepared for a tour and/or road test by wearing appropriate shoes (closed-toed/boots/etc.). We consider drivers the face of our company. Be prepared to succeed by projecting con